Differences in materials
Dec 19, 2018

The difference between sound-absorbing materials and soundproof materials is that the sound-absorbing material looks at the size of the reflected sound energy on one side of the sound source, and the goal is to reflect the sound energy less. The soundproof material focuses on the size of the transmittance sound energy on the other side of the incident sound source, and the target is that the transmittance sound can be small. The attenuation and absorption of the incident acoustic energy by the sound absorbing material is generally only a few, therefore, its sound absorption ability, that is, the sound consumption coefficient can be expressed in decimal numbers, and the soundproof material can make the transmission sound attenuation to the 3/10~4/10 or smaller of the incident acoustic energy, in order to facilitate the expression, its sound insulation is expressed by the measurement method of decibels.

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