Features Of Moving Partitions
Dec 19, 2018

Mobile partition is a kind of active wall which divides large space into small space or connects small space into large space and has general wall function at any time according to the need.Can play a hall multi-energy, a room multi-use role.

Specific features:

1. No ground rail suspension: The floor is no track, just install the track on the ceiling.

2. Stable security: After the partition is solid and reliable, not easy to swing.

3. Sound insulation and environmental protection: good sound insulation effect, the maximum sound insulation coefficient up to 53dB.

4. Thermal insulation and Energy saving: excellent thermal insulation performance, according to different occupancy rate, the large space is divided into small space, in order to reduce the power consumption of air conditioning.

5. High Efficiency Fire Prevention: the use of high-efficiency fireproof materials production, good fire performance; 6. Elegant appearance: Any decoration on the surface, can be unified with the interior decorative effect.

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