Key Features Of Soundproof Panels
Dec 19, 2018

Soundproof panels main Features: To ensure the sound absorption, sound insulation effect of the premise, its characteristics are the production, installation of simple. 

1, the sound insulation is large: the average sound insulation amount of 30dB.(conditional sound-absorbing cotton 48K, thick 95x high 500x length 1000-3000).

2, weather-resistant durability: products with water resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, will not be due to changes in rainwater temperature caused by reduced performance or abnormal quality.Product noise barrier using endurance plate, galvanized endurance plate, glass cotton, H steel column surface galvanized treatment of anti-corrosion years in more than 15 years.

3, soundproofing Board Beautiful: can choose a variety of colors and shapes to combine, with the surrounding environment coordination, the formation of bright scenery line.

4, soundproofing Board Economy: assembly-type construction, improve work efficiency, shorten construction time, can save construction costs and labor costs.

5, soundproofing board convenient: parallel installation with other products, easy maintenance, easy to update.

6, soundproofing Board safety: sound-absorbing plate at both ends of the use of φ6.2 wire rope connection fixed, to prevent two damage, resulting in the loss of personnel, property.

7, soundproofing Board lightweight: Sound-absorbing Board series products with light weight characteristics, square meter quality of less than 20 kg, can reduce the high-load light rail, elevated road load, can reduce the structure cost.

8, soundproofing Board Fire Prevention: the use of ultra-fine glass cotton, due to its high melting point, non-flammable, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection norms, fire prevention and so on up to A class. 

9, high strength: combined with different climatic conditions in various regions of China, in the structural design to fully consider the wind load. Use 1.0-1.6mm galvanized plate, through CNC equipment, pressing grooves to increase strength, so that the product anti-10-12 typhoon, anti-pressure 300kg/m2.

10, waterproof, dustproof: The leaf type design fully consider waterproof, dustproof, its angle is set to 450 degrees, in the dust or rain environment its sound absorption is not affected, the structure has been set up dust drainage measures to avoid water accumulation inside the components. 

11, soundproofing Board Durable: product design has fully considered the road wind load, traffic vehicle impact safety and the whole climate of open-air anticorrosion. Products using aluminum alloy endurance plate, galvanized endurance plate, glass cotton, H steel column surface galvanized treatment. Company to ensure that the product in 15 years without corrosion, non-variant, sound absorption, sound insulation effect is not reduced.

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