Selection Of Soundproof Panels
Dec 19, 2018

Select the Soundproofing board and the most important thing is to see if there is a test report for the soundproof panels. Any plate (material) can be called soundproof plate (material), but the sound insulation effect of various materials (plates) is very different, and when the Soundproofing board is purchased you do not have any way to discern its performance, must wait until the end of the construction to feel its soundproofing effect.

If after the construction, the sound insulation effect is not good, has wasted a lot of money and time and energy. So when choosing a soundproofing board, it is important to see if the soundproof panels has an authoritative laboratory test report. Domestic in the sound insulation testing, the detection of testing qualifications need to be verified, at least with China metrology certification CMA and China Conformity assessment National Accreditation Committee CNAS Two authorized (CNAs authorized to use the ILAC-MRA logo at the same time) testing institutions and laboratories to have authority.

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